ExpiredPawque Waterproof Dog Blanket Large 130×150cm

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Soft and Cozy Pet Blanket: Pawque dog blanket is made of high-quality polyester fiber on one side, smooth and breathable, and warm Sherpa fabric on the other side, fluffy and soft. The combination of the two materials produces a double dose of comfort, making it suitable for year-round use. Dogs and cats will inevitably love it.
Waterproof and Anti-Osmosis: The waterproof dog blanket has a waterproof lining, which can effectively prevent the osmosis of liquid from the Sherpa fabric side to the polyester fiber side. It can keep your cat and dog comfortable and warm, away from dampness and coldness.

Pawque Waterproof Dog Blanket Large 130×150cm
Pawque Waterproof Dog Blanket Large 130×150cm
£11.99 £29.99

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