IPL Hair Removal Device for Women & Men, Profesional 500300 Flashes



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  • ⚡⚡【International Certification IPL TECHNOLOGY】The IPL hair removal system uses the same safe and clinically proven by professional dermatologists and beauty salons, delay and stop hair growth from the roots to achieve silky smoothing. Hair will be reduced by more than 90% permanently after 8-12 weeks. More effective and comfortable than others hair removal way, such as waxing, hair removal creams.
  • ⚡⚡【5 Adjustable Energy Levels】5 levels of energy for users to chose which is best for their skin. Each level of this device release certain amount of energy to the skin for treatment of permanent hair removal in the body, the higher the level the better and effective and faster it get but so will endurance level too.
  • ⚡⚡【Up to 500,300 Flashes Excellent Quartz Lamp】 Ensure a long service life for itself due to its 500,300 Flashes excellent quality quartz lamp ,whcih can serve for a very long period of time. The number of flashes remaining always appears on the LCD screen to indicate how many flashes you had used and how many remaining to go. When it indicate "0" it means no flashes anymore therefore needs to be replaced.
  • ⚡⚡【100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE SATISFACTION.】YUNDOO IPL hair removal adopting Korea's adoption of advanced beauty technology inheritance technology and safety assurance to solve the problem of hair removal and skin whitening for customers. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 Months Seller Warranty,24-Hrs on line customer service.
  • ⚡⚡【MANUAL/AUTO MODE】Users can change from manual to auto and vice versa, Long press and hold launch button for 3 seconds when the device is powered on, the display will show 'AUTO' and the device is set to AUTO mode. Also do the same procedure when returning to manual mode. Use any mode of your choice to make the most out of the device. Manual mode is for small area: bikini line, fingers, upper lips, face below the cheekbone; Auto mode is for large area: arms, legs and back and so on.