Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Fair to Medium Gradual Self Fake Tan, Holiday Essentials, 200 ml


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  • Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Fair to Medium 200 ml provides a natural, streak-free glow
  • Dove Summer Revived tanning moisturiser combines the luxurious sensory experience of a spa with the expertise of dermatological care
  • The Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Gradual Self Tan range is suitable for use on sensitive skin
  • Moisturises to the deeper* layers of the skin whilst preventing moisture loss from the surface
  • Dove's cell moisturisers are comprised of key moisturising actives compressed from natural seed oils and combined with natural tanners, allowing a healthy-looking tan to gradually build over time
  • This moisturising self tan lotion can be used on fair to medium skin