ExpiredDettol Washing Machine Cleaner 250ml

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5-in-1 PROTECTION: Bacteria, Odours, Limescale, Dirt, Freshness
KILLS 99.9 Percent OF BACTERIA: Dettol washing machine cleaner kills 99.9 Percent of bacteria
ROMOVES LIMESCALE and DIRT: Acts as a descaler to remove limescale to help improve the functioning of your machine. Removes hidden firt.
LASTING FRESHNESS: This formula will reach hidden areas of the machine which will stop bad odours, leaving a lasting freshness in the machine and date on product is production date.
EASY TO USE: Use on an empty machine, every 2 months. Recommended dosage 250ml. Pour the liquid into the detergent drawer – do not add detergent. Run the washing machine at 60°C without any laundry.

Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner 250ml
Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner 250ml
£2.55 £4.66

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