Travel Mug, Wave Design Vacuum Mug, Stainless Steel Case (18/10), Stainless steel case (18/10) Opening made of plastic (PP). Silicone cuff, blue, 360ml

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Oh dear, this deal has expired, don't worry, you can still buy the amazing product by clicking the link below:

  • A design mug to enjoy your favourite drink on the go
  • Allrounder: 360° opening for drinking in any position  100% airtight. Does not drip.
  • 360ml capacity - the classic capacity for large servings of coffee
  • A very current and trendy product - corresponds to the current 'coffeeto-go' current. Fits standard car cup holders
  • Easily identifiable open and closed position of the coloured button
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher thanks to the removable lid