Traditional Pump Espresso Coffee Machine with Milk Steamer

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  • ☕☕Coffee Machine 15 Bar☕☕ The espresso coffee machine with 15 bar high pressure pump, Rapid heating in 40 seconds produces high quality espresso coffee and makes the coffee oil sufficiently thick. So you can enjoy every drop of premium Italian coffee.
  • ☕☕Espresso Coffee Machine with 1.5L Large Water Tank☕☕Homever espresso coffee machine featuring 1.5L BPA-free, removable water tank with high capacity is sufficient for the preparation of several cups of coffee, espresso or other coffee specialties. Two normal espressos can be prepared at the same time.
  • ☕☕Espresso Coffee Maker with Milk Steamer☕☕ Homever espresso coffee maker can use 2 independent thermostats, so that the aroma of coffee and milk foam can reach the ideal condition. This coffee machine with milk frother can prepare different types of coffee such as cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, macchiatos, ristretto, mocha, Americano, iced coffee, etc.
  • ☕☕Universal Coffee Filter☕☕ Homever espresso coffee macine featuring double wall filter which is suitable for 1 cup or 2 cups, to ensure you adjust the coffee strength and quantity manually. Medium and coarse coffee grind are suitable for this espresso coffee machine which will offer you the desired golden, even-looking crema.
  • ☕☕Excellent Customer Service☕☕ You can get 1x Espresso coffee machine, 1x User manual, 1x After-sales card, Milk Jug (not included), Glass mugs (not included). Please note:1.Separate the double layer filter to clean after using to avoid coffee powder plugs the filter. 2.Brew coffee after the "green light" is on to reach pre-heating. 3. Please don't press down the steam button while coffee brewing. 4.Please remove the seal sticker at the bottom of water tank for the first use.