TOMY Pile Up Pirates Stacking Game

Deal by Emma Cowell

Oh dear, this deal has expired, don't worry, you can still buy the amazing product by clicking the link below:

  • JOIN A NEW PIRATE PETE'S ADVENTURE - Pile Up Pirates is a suspense filled stacking toy in which players race to stack as many pirates and planks onto the rotating base
  • BE FAST BUT DON'T GO OVERBOARD! Be quick as whoever stacks the most pirates wins. But beware, one false move can cause the tower to collapse and you will lose!
  • PLANK YOUR WAY TO THE CHEST - Players can be highly strategic and also place up to 1x plank either before, or after they place a pirate onto the stack
  • IMPROVE HAND-EYE COORDINATION - This kids' action game requires high dexterity and reflexes, and will require children to improve their hand accuracy and overall coordination