Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

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  • 💓【Large Capacity Can Be Stuffed With Various Kinds of Things Stuff In Your CLoset 】:This is a stuffed toy storage bag chair size is 50''*35''*30'',that can be stuffed about 100pcs toys or other stuff, almost all even the most enormous stuffed animal collections, if you don’t have enough you can fill it with blankets, towels, clothes ,pillows and anything else that is taking up closet space! The large storage capacity magically hold all and clear the mess instantly.
  • 💓【Perfect Lounge Chair Sofa Chair】:When this bag is stuffed full with toys to stuffs, it will become as a chair or sofa. It can make home comfortable and warm when you back home from whole day's high pressure work, business trip or study, with exhausted bodies you may wanna get a place and just lie down.Then this soft chair will can be best choice for you to get a great rest.
  • 💓【Made of Soft Cotton and Warm Velvet Material 】:This stuffed toy storage bag chair front side is made high quality cotton material that touch so soft and without any harm for people skin, the back side is made of of superior super-soft velvet, which combines comfortability and durability in one piece, very soft and warmer when you lie down on it .you cannot even image how fabulous when you touch it.
  • 💓【Train Your Kids Love To Clear The Clutter by Himself/Herself】:The zipper design makes is easy for kids to use without asking help for parents, just zip up and down with the smooth zipper when sorting out the scattering toys and dolls everywhere or taking out them from the bag.Then your room will get so clean and Organized.
  • 💓【Perfect Gift】:This toy storage bag is not only can bring joy to your kids but also can reduce stress in our lives ,can keep your home or kids room so clean and tidy. It is a perfect present for any occasion –Party ,Birthday, Christmas, and other family holidays .It can storage toys,towels,blankets,cushions,pillows, boxes,bins, baskets,containers, ottomans, mesh hammocks, animals’nets and chains.