Sea Mud Mask - Headband & Brush Included

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  • Deep Skin Cleansing: The clean and flawless skin is what everyone desires. Beafresh dead sea mud mask is rich in nutrients that can provide oily skin with the best treatment. Our mud mask is an excellent natural cleansing mask that can extract toxins and impurities from the deep skin layer, absorb excess oil and remove dead skin cells, dirt and toxins, thus leaving the skin young, bright and clear.
  • Reduce Grease & Blackheads: The dead sea mud can absorb the oils and stimulate the skin' s oil glands, which can help it restore normal metabolism levels. The dead see mud contains abundant minerals: salt, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and zinc, which helps to effectively cleanse clogged pores, reduce acne and blackheads.
  • Skin Care Set & SPA at Home: Apply a thin coat of Beafresh body mud mask on your body to relax your skin, keep a healthy balance of oil and water in your skin. The rich goodness from mud mask restore your younger, soft skin with less wrinkle. The bonus headband prevents the clay mask from staining your hair, and the brush will helps you use our facial mask more conveniently.
  • Sensitivity Test: Apply a small spot of your skin with the clay mask at first to test and then apply the whole face. The product ingredients include natural astringents, which may cause the allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin. Our mud mask is a cleansing mask and does not have a moisturizing function. Therefore, we recommend that you use moisturizing products after using Beafresh dead sea mud mask to achieve a better effect.
  • Bring vitality to your skin: After using the Dead Sea Mud Mask, your skin will be healthy and radiant. It will absorb any excess oil and the mud can be washed away with warm water. Your skin will look fresh and clean.