Remote Control Smart Robot,

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  • 🤖【Gesture IR Induction】: The robot built-in IR induction system makes it possible to control forward, backward, left turn, right turn by waving your hand when closing to the robot.
  • 🤖【INTELLIGENT PROGRAMMING】: With the built-in keys, the robot can repeat a set of actions including walking, sliding, turning left, turning right which have been input by the user.
  • 🤖【SMART DESIGN】: The super cool remote controlled robot has a variety of cool features including LED illuminated eyes, cool sound effects and a simulated machine gun, all of which make it fun and dynamic.
  • 🤖【TWO MOVEMENT TYPES】: Walking and Sliding Modes allow the robot to go forward / backward, and turn left / right at the command of the user. The flexible arms make the robot more realistic.
  • 🤖【Multi-function Smart Options】: The wise robot featuring robot Language, Dance, Music, Story, Study etc.The smart robot is just like a teacher accompanying kids to play and help them gain knowledge at the same time.