Potato Grow Bag with Plant Watering Devices Non-woven Fabric Plant Growing Bags

Deal by Peter Nix

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  • 2 PACKS SET:Package includes 2 packs of green potato grow bags,one is 4 gallon and the other is 7 gallon.The diameter of the 4 gallon grow bag is 25cm and the height is 30cm;the 7 gallon is 30cm diameter and 35cm height.Different size grow bags for you to plant different vegetables or flowers.
  • NON-WOVEN FABRIC MATERIAL:Our potato grow bags are made of high quality non-woven fabric and PET material,they are breathable,moisture-proof,durable and degradable.The roots can breathe freely and will not circle,helping the plants grow heathily and and boost plant growth and yields.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN:There are 2 sturdy handles on each potato grow bag,convenient for you to move plants from one place to another.Besides,the visualization flap window allows you to determine whether the potatoes are ripe or not.Also,with the flap window,you can harvest them directly without digging in clay soil.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:The potato grow bags have good drainage,it can easily avoid the over watering problems;Also,it helps to protect the environment.
  • WIDE APPLICATION:These grow bags are great for indoor and outdoor planting,such as patios,balconies,gardens,yards and any outdoor space.You can use them to plant potatoes,tomatoes,carrots, onions,peppers,,asparagus, taro, ginger, lettuce, chicory, spinach,berries, flowers and so on.You can also use it as a temporary storage bag to store your items.