DUFU Bathroom Accessory Set 6 Pcs

Deal by Emma Cowell

Oh dear, this deal has expired, don't worry, you can still buy the amazing product by clicking the link below:

  • 6 PCS PLASTIC BATHROOM ACCESSORY SET: TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER(for two brushes and a tube of toothpaste), TOOTH MUG/PLASTIC CUP(or for your razors), SOAP DISH(can be used on the bath or sink and is ribbed so it's easy to pick up your soap even with slippery hands), LOTION BOTTLES(a functional liquid soap dispenser with built-in pump action nozzle), TOILET BRUSH, TRASH CAN/RUBBISH BIN.
  • SIZE: Toothbrush Holder: H×W: Toothbrush Holder:4.6×2.8in(11.6×7.1cm), Tooth Mug/Plastic Cup:4.1×2.8in(10.4×7.1cm), Soap