Cat Toys with Catnip for Teething,6PCS Cat Catnip Toy

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  • ☀Natural catnip: The catnip stuffed in cat toys is made from non-toxic, harmless and high-quality roots and leaves of nepeta grass and dried, without peculiar smell, keeping the most original mint taste
  • ☀Feature of cat toy: Use felt material, mix tightly without falling. Easy to bite and intolerant to dirt, mint flavor and high resilience, can be used for a long time. Felt material can also be used for cat grinding claws
  • ☀Cat teething toy: This toy can effectively prevent kittens from biting things during the teeth-changing period, help kittens smoothly change teeth and remove the cat's mouth odor.
  • ☀The best playmate: catnip toys can withstand the cat’s own pressure, and also encourage the cat’s nature to chase prey and bite, so that your cat is no longer alone
  • ☀Note: Different cats react differently to catnip. Tests have shown that most of the cats under four months of age will not recognize catnip, and will be crazy about it after six months.