10 Pieces Of S-shaped Hooks, 3 Sizes

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  • ♥Material: Made of durable stainless steel. One-piece molding, smooth and polished. They are 4mm in diameter and will not deform easily due to their high density solids. It can be used safely in any space. The surface is smooth without thorns. Both ends of the hook are equipped with two balls to prevent scratches on hands or clothes. Anti-rust, large bearing capacity and good stress.
  • ♥Easy to use: The S-shaped hook does not require nails, screws or adhesives, and is easy to install. You only need to hang metal hooks on existing objects to easily help you organize your objects. You don't need to worry about whether tools or delicate decorations will punch holes in your beautiful walls. 2 inches: 10.7 grams per hook, 107 grams per package; 3 inches: 14 grams per hook, 140 grams per package; 4 inches: 16.4 grams per hook, 164 grams per package.
  • ♥Simple design: S-shaped hook is suitable for kitchenware, tableware, bathroom, bedroom, office, etc. It is also ideal for hanging ties, belts, bags, hats, keychains and other kitchen utensils. And can be used wherever they are needed. The stylish design looks great in your kitchen.
  • ♥Simple and practical: Be smart and save space at home. Hang pots, pans, kitchen utensils and towels to organize the kitchen space. These sturdy S-shaped hooks are also very suitable for your closet. They are durable and can clean up the chaos of any space to a large extent and keep the limited space tidy.
  • ♥ Wide range of uses: Because they are stainless steel, they can be used outdoors or indoors in any weather conditions, so they can be used wherever needed. Stylish and stylish design looks great in your kitchen! The design of the kit perfectly matches your modern stainless steel appliances. Add a little luster to your kitchen, never hurt. Each hook is universal and can be used in various kitchen and household applications.