ExpiredBRITA MAXTRA PRO All-in-1 Water Filter Cartridge 6 Pack

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BRITA’s most sustainable filter cartridge ever: made in Europe from 50 percent bio-based materials (lid and barrel), Plus BRITA MAXTRA PRO filter cartridges are recyclable – find out more on the BRITA website
Innovative 4-stage filtration with natural activated carbon and ion-exchanger pearls, Filters impurities such as certain herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals, reduces odour and taste-impairing substances such as chlorine, and metals like lead and copper
Fits all BRITA Jugs and BRITA Flow, Guaranteed optimal filtration in systems with BRITA PerfectFit system (Aluna, Marella, Style, Glass Jug)
Improved filter performance: BRITA’s new innovative micro-mesh reduces microparticles ≥ 30 μm, 4x better than our previous BRITA MAXTRA+ filter cartridge – ideal for older pipework
Good for you, good for the environment: the MAXTRA PRO ALL-IN-1 helps to reduce use of plastic bottles and has up to 25x lower carbon footprint than bottled water
Increased filter capacity of up to 150L, giving fresh great tasting filtered water for just a few pence per litre
Need extra appliance protection or limescale reduction? Check out the BRITA MAXTRA PRO Limescale Expert cartridge

BRITA MAXTRA PRO All-in-1 Water Filter Cartridge 6 Pack
BRITA MAXTRA PRO All-in-1 Water Filter Cartridge 6 Pack
£23.49 £37.49

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