Wilko Set To Open NEW Stores This Week

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  • Wilko unveils plans for new store openings ahead of Easter, delighting bargain hunters.

  • St Albans and Rotherham selected for initial expansion, with additional sites in the pipeline.

  • The partnership between The Range and Wilko sparks a revival on the high street.

  • Upcoming store launches include Poole, Dorset, and various other locations.

  • Wilko endeavors to reconnect with former staff members, strengthening community bonds.

In a heartwarming turn of events, just as Wilko seemed to fade away from our high streets, the beloved discount retailer has announced its plans to open new stores just in time for Easter, sparking joy among bargain hunters across the nation. Imagine this: two fresh Wilko outlets eagerly awaiting shoppers in St Albans and Rotherham, with grand openings scheduled for 9 am on March 29th. It’s as if Easter arrived early for Wilko enthusiasts!

Ellie Smitherman of The Sun broke the news that after a brief hiatus, Wilko is making a daring comeback. Despite facing closure during a tumultuous period last summer, the brand has emerged stronger, much to the delight of its faithful customer base. With CDS Superstores stepping in as the new savior and joining forces with The Range, Wilko has been revitalized, showcasing a promising beginning with the reopening of three stores in December of last year.

But Wilko isn’t stopping there; it’s aiming to expand its footprint with a new store in Poole, Dorset, on the horizon. This strategic move is part of a larger plan to not only revive but also enhance the Wilko shopping experience by introducing features such as next-day delivery and flexible payment options. Alex Simpkin, CEO of Wilko, highlighted the positive feedback received from customers during the launch of new concept stores, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to revitalizing its presence on the high street.

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  1. This would be great to see, Woolworths next please!

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