Office & Schuh outlets selling affordable, slightly imperfect shoes.

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Office and Schuh, popular retail brands, operate specialized online platforms – Office Offcuts* and Schuh Imperfects* – where they offer heavily discounted shoes from their ex-display collections. These shoes may exhibit minimal wear-and-tear, typically minor scuffs and tiny marks resulting from in-store try-ons.


How does it work?

Consider these websites akin to an online flea market, where each pair of shoes is showcased individually, resembling platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Detailed photos of the actual pair you’re purchasing are provided, accompanied by descriptions highlighting any imperfections.

Offcuts specializes in selling “end of line, ex-display, and last pairs of shoes,” ensuring that all stock is new but may exhibit minor marks or fading. Likewise, Schuh Imperfects acknowledges the possibility of shoes featuring scuffs, discoloration, or other charming “individual quirks,” a description we appreciate.

The extent of the discount depends on the condition of the shoe.


In the realm of online shoe shopping, every pair comes with detailed images and a concise overview of any imperfections, usually confined to one per style and size. These imperfections might include discoloration, scuffs, or stubborn marks resulting from display or handling.

Offcuts employs a grading mechanism to evaluate shoe condition, spanning from ‘Totally perfect’ to ‘OK condition,’ conveniently displayed below the description.

The pricing structure is flexible, contingent upon the severity of the imperfections. Typically, shoppers can expect to enjoy savings of approximately 30% off the standard retail price, although discounts may fluctuate.



My conclusion

If you’re willing to invest the time and exercise patience, and are comfortable with occasional minor imperfections, these platforms offer a fantastic opportunity to save money—particularly if you’re in the market for high-end branded sneakers. Moreover, these shoes provide full transparency, allowing you to precisely gauge what you’ll receive upon purchase.

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