😅The Adidas box shoe…. Is it an early April Fools?

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Adidas Made a Box Shoe for April Fool’s Day


Adidas Box Shoe

We all enjoy a playful April Fool’s prank, and it seems adidas is getting a head start with a surprise product launch on the CONFIRMED app today. If you’re into chunky footwear and bold designs, you won’t want to miss this one!

Would you wear them?

Innovating the chunky sneaker trend, adidas has introduced a shoe crafted entirely from their iconic shoe box. Dubbed as The Box Shoe, adidas describes it as boasting a “boxy fit” with a chunky lace closure. Constructed from natural fiber (cardboard), including the upper, lining, and sole, it’s advisable to keep this pair sheltered from rain.

Adidas Box Shoe


When you delve into the product specifications, ensuring you’re prepared for its “boxy fit,” you’ll notice the product code, AF0104, cleverly hinting at “April Fool’s April 1.” The detailed product description describes these Adidas shoes as pushing boundaries, blurring the distinction between product and packaging. With a unique rectangular design inspired by the original Adidas shoebox, these sneakers offer an experimental style statement, complemented by chunky laces.


However, the question remains whether Adidas intends to sell The Box Shoe as part of the joke. While the Confirmed app allows users to set reminders for the shoe’s release, the product page ambiguously states, “price upon request,” suggesting the brand may not actually be seeking payment for this particular gag. With April Fool’s Day just around the corner, there’s still time for further developments regarding The Box Shoe. Stay tuned for updates as they unfold.

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