Bargain Hunter UK was founded in 2018 by Peter Nix as a small family and friend group In 2019 we was joined by Emma Cowell who become co-founder, Over the years we have developed and grown into one of UK's top deal groups backed by our Website "" and our App which you can find in your app store "Bargain Hunter UK"

Now in the start of 2021 we have grown to over 134,000 members in our Facebook group and over 500,000 people using our website!

All this could have only been achieved by the amazing support from our members!

We pride ourselves in bringing only the real deals and discounts to our members from online retailers, we review sellers and products and ensure only the best are shared (just because its cheap or looks a good discount it doesn't mean its a top product) , We work closely with sellers on amazon and other online retailers to get exclusive and unique deals. Although some deals you see will seem unbelievably great you must always check what you are getting for your money.

We hope you Enjoy becoming part of our huge Bargain Hunting Family!


Our Team

These are some of the people behind the scenes, getting you the best offers and deals online!


Pete Nix


First founder Bargain Hunter in Nov - 2018.


Chris Wooldridge

Web Design Manager

Joined Bargain Hunter UK in August 2019 managing our website.


Chloe Nix

Expert Deal Finder

Joined Bargain Hunter UK in July 2020 to help members find deals online.